Increase productivity while saving valuable water  
ACTIVEWATER Making Saline Water Work for You

ALVÁTECH devices use a uniquely developed technology that transforms saline water into  ACTIVEWATER. The eco-friendly treatment impacts water molecule behaviour and causes water molecules to vibrate, preventing the formation of large salt crystals which plants cannot absorb. 



The treated ACTIVEWATER. infiltrate saline soil easily

Improves the soil’s capillarity and permeability 

Increases the plants’ ability to better absorb fertilisers and resist diseases

Increase the availability of irrigation water for Agriculture

Can use recycled and brackish water

Improvement of irrigation

- high efficiency irrigation for equipment such as Drip, Mini-sprinklers, Sprinkler and Central Pivot systems

Implementation of sensors allow the continuous tracking of irrigation - soil moisture, EC meters, temperature and more.

Implementation of environmentally friendly technologies allow irrigation with saline water and conservation of irrigation water