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  • Capacity: 25-35 cubic meters per hour

  • Scalability: Can be installed in clusters

  • Maintenance: Zero. Weatherproof.

  • Power: Runs fully on ALVÁ Solar panels (supplied with the device) or electricity

  • Installation: Above ground or below ground

An all-round effective device, designed for medium size farms, larger green/net houses or as part of a multi-unit installation within large farms. Powerful at reducing the salinity level around the root zone of plants, the ALVA25 is effective when leaching salt and eliminating salt crusts and salt walls. The ability of the device to keep drippers and sprinklers clear of limescale blockages leads to extended irrigation system functionality and longevity.


An ideal Agri engine to boost growth and save water in a variety of crops including potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, melons, watermelons, grapes, sugar cane, mango, passion fruit, stone fruit and olives.


“Increases the availability of water for plants after each irrigation”


In The Field


User friendly

Installation is simple and intuitive.

Easy Fit Flange, suitable for every water source and pivot installation.

Solid and Robust

Durable solid casted cover for extreme weather and durability

Energy efficient

ALVÁ devices are designed to work on a low voltage (5 watts, 24-VDC) and as such are safe and energy efficient.

Sensor configurations

Implementation of sensors that allow the tracking of irrigation continuously - soil moisture, EC meters, temperature and more.

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