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treatment for water


  • Capacity: 5-10 cubic meters per hour

  • Scalability: Can be installed in clusters

  • Maintenance: Zero. Weatherproof.

  • Power: Runs fully on ALVÁ Solar panels or electricity

  • Installation: Above ground or below ground

A versatile and powerful device designed specifically for smallholder fields, greenhouses, hydroponics, vertical farming and nurseries. Strong at reducing the salinity level around the root zone, effective in leaching salt in both soil and soilless settings and keeps drippers and sprinklers clear of limescale blockages.

A perfect, effective partner for small-scale operations and for a variety of crops including leafy greens, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, berries, watercress, celery, beans, peas, tree crops, grapes, herbs , hemps, cannabis and others. 

“Increases the availability of water for plants after each irrigation”


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