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Proven and Tested Results

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  • Saline soil with poor water drainage

  • Low growth and  underdeveloped patches

  • Drop in productivity and profits

water treatment for agriculture




  • Improved water drainage

  • Healthy growth with no patches

  • Increase in productivity less than one month after installation

  • High quality crops and  increased profits  

The key to a successful implementation and great results is the combination of the right solution with an in-depth understanding of the agronomical challenges and conditions that characterise your area. ALVÁTECH’s agronomists bring to your project their profound understanding of climate, soil and water conditions together with proven track record running projects in extreme arid land and brackish water conditions  in India, Argentina, Abu Dhabi, Peru and more.

Our experts are at the forefront of Agri-Tech Agronomy and are fully committed to the success of every  installation and device while providing ongoing professional support to farmers based on proven farm and water management experience. 

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ALVÁTECH offers its clients the most successful and cost effective water treatment technology. We are on the ground with farmers, bringing decades of practical experience & updated knowledge  to solve any challenge and ensure every farmer achieve their goals.

Developed by farmers for farmers

increasing growers’ productivity around the world

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Free from chemicals that harm the soil & crops


Reliable & Trustworthy

Resilient even under extreme climate condition

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Increase Productivity

Enhance roots development and quality of crops

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Energy Saving

Low energy consumption with solar power option

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