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An expert raspberries grower sees plants double in size with ALVÁTECH

    A Portuguese raspberry expert, growing export-quality berries for a well-known global berries giant, suffered from high salinity levels in the substrate used in his greenhouse and high levels of carbonates which clogged the drippers. The hard and saline water affected both the grower’s yield and quality of fruit which must attain the high standard set by the client.

    The grower installed an ALVÁ device in order to reduce the salinity levels, increase flower growth and improve production.
    Immediately upon installation the ALVÁ device started leaching the salt to the drainage system ensuring more water is available to the plant for a longer period after each irrigation. The treated water also improved the level of humidity in the substrate and the levels of Nitrogen, Potassium and Magnesium creating better conditions for the plants to grow and improving roots development.

    The impact of the ALVÁ device can be clearly seen in the photos taken 10 days, 22 days and 4 months after the installation, of two plants, treated and non- treated, which were taken from the greenhouse. The plants were irrigated from the same water pipe, were planted using the same substrate and received no fertilizers during the entire inspection duration.

    After only 10 days the grower saw an accumulation of white salt at the bottom of the treated plant container which was leached out from the substrate by the treated water.

    22 days after the installation, the photo taken shows a dramatic difference between the plants. The grower saw the treated plant rising to double the size of the non-treated plant, with the leaves being significantly bigger, stronger and with a vibrant green colour as oppose to the weak yellowish shade in the non-treated plant. The ALVÁ device generated such strong leaching of salt to the point that the water draining out of the treated plant container effected even on the grass, in the saline soil around the container, which started to grow green.

    4 months after installing the ALVÁ device the grower took the plants out of the containers to measure the physical agronomic results of the crop. The root system of the treated plant was fully developed with healthy roots growing throughout the substrate and an even humidity showing in the substrate. The non-treated plant substrate was dry and showed minimal root growth which was reflected in the under developed and weak leaves and branches.

    The grower concluded the inspection and was very pleased with ALVÁTECH’s impact on the substrate conditions and plants growth. The grower is now connecting more ALVÁ devices to the central irrigation system to treat his entire farm.

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