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Healthier peppers, larger leaves and one happy farm manager

    Great feedback from a bell pepper farmer in South Africa who saw an all round improvement in the productivity and salinity issues that he was facing. Due to the success using ALVÁTECH technology, the land owner is now installing a further ALVÁ50 devices to treat a bigger plot he owns in Botswana.

    Background: Several months ago, ALVÁTECH’s distributor in South Africa was approached by a bell pepper farmer who was suffering from high EC levels (salinity) in his soil. The plants were struggling to absorb the minerals from the soil and consequently did not reach the required size and after a while started withering. The leaves were continuously underdeveloped and a yellow, unhealthy colouration was observed.

    Three months after the ALVÁTECH technology installation the Farm Manager shared the following testimonial on video “We have established that the ECs have come down from the soil results that we have received. The first thing (visually) we see in comparison to last year is the leaf growth. We have much bigger leaves and the plants acted very fast to fertilizer, especially the calcium and kalium fertilizer. The size on the peppers is much bigger on average and the quantities have really picked up”.

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