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Small avocado farm makes $34,500 in extra revenue in the first harvest using ALVÁTECH’s ALVÁ5

    Avocado is sensitive to salinity levels above 2.2 ds/m. The farmer wanted to keep the soil salinity below 2 ds/m, reduce his overall water consumption and increase the average yield he had of 18-20 tonnes per hectare. One key challenge was the clayish soil which caused poor drainage and prevented sufficient oxygen supply to the roots.

    After 7 months the EC level measured in the in the ALVÁTECH treated area was 1.61 ds/m and 3.6 ds/m in the non-treated plot (way above the 2.2 ds/m level). This is an extraordinary difference of over 55%. Moreover, chloride levels were reduced by 47.43%. The result was an increase in productivity to an average of 25 tonnes per hectare!

    The farmer made an extra $34,000 in additional revenue on the ALVÁTECH treated plants. The farmer is now irrigating all of his avocados with ALVÁTECH and requires only a single ALVÁ5 device which cost a fraction of the extra revenue gained in less than a year of operation.

    The farmer who is also a professional Agronomist described the accomplishment: “Keeping the salinity levels below 2 ds/m is an achievement and will impact future production and yields. The reduction in the level of salinity in the ALVÁTECH treated area in comparison to the non-treated plot is exciting for avocado growers in the region, particularly as the water quality is getting worse and more saline all the time”

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