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ALVÁTECH revolutionary eco-friendly water technology enables farmers to grow more, save water and improve soil health

agricultural innovation

Growing more with saline & hard water

•    Reducing soil salinity and drip irrigation blockage

•    Increasing export quality yield 

•    Improving plant resilience and soil-biodiversity 

•    Improving irrigation efficiency and water usage

•    Sustainable, solar- powered and eninvornmently friendly

•    Reducing carbon footprint and promoting Net Zero


Solar powered 


Proven Results In The Field

In the Field

ALVÁTECH devices are manufactured and tested at the highest standards


Global Sales & Support

From Latin America to the Middle East 

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Contact us to discuss your water and soil challenge and get an estimate on the financial and operational impact you can get in the first months of installation.  


Crop Protection Revolution 


 South America, USA, Europe, Africa and the Middle East.  

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See the change in your field

See the change for yourself in your own farm. Ask for a consultation call today 

Unique features
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Free from chemicals that harm the soil & crops

Crop Protection

Reduce risk to crops and increase plant resilience 

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Increase productivity

Enhance roots development and quality of crops

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Energy saving

Fully operated with solar power 

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