ALVÁTECH is a revolutionary eco-friendly water technology for the use in agriculture and livestock, allowing farmers to enhance  yield,

increase profits and reduce water consumption.

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Grow more with saline and hard water

Sustainable, chemical-free water treatment for saline water and soil

What our customers and distributors have to say

“25% increase in yield on butternuts, on the validation pivot, while still keeping and improving their quality. This will open up areas on farms that many farmers left abandoned due to poor water quality. ALVÁTECH’s is even applicable to alleviate poor soil where water penetration seems an obstacle.”


Mr Julian N., Distributor, South Africa

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ALVÁTECH devices are manufactured and tested at the highest standards


ALVÁTECH's Global Presence

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Water Tech Revolution


USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  

ALVÁTECH is led by a team of  professionals each with over 25 years of a recognised and proven track record in agronomy, farm and water management, technology development and global distribution.


We successfully operate in USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  


Every product we develop is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide farmers, agri-associations, NGOs and governments with advanced, environmentally-friendly and highly effective water treatment solutions.

In this rapidly changing world, affected by global warming, increasing population curve and viable food security. We have realised the importance of continually updating our solutions and developing new ones, keeping our clients and distributors ahead of the game.


We invite you to try ALVÁTECH products and benefit from great solutions and professional agri support – it’s time to GROW MORE!​


“Extraordinary companies aspire to drive profit as well as social change.

They never lose sight of the problems they exist to solve,

or the people they are innovating for.“

Zac Gazit, President & Managing Director

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Experience healthier crops in your own farm


Free from chemicals that harm the soil & crops

Solid & Reliable

Resilient even under extreme climate conditions 

Increase productivity

Enhance roots development and quality of crops

Energy saving

Fully operated with solar power