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Sustainable  solution to grow more with saline water

Sell more with tested and proven technology

Sell proven technology for agriculture

Help your clients to increase profitability


Help your clients increase yield in crops and livestock

Benefit from our expertise in different climates and soil worldwide


We are here to help

Proven  Solutions


Agriculture & Irrigation

Successfully dealing with saline water effect on soils, improving crops' results and increasing farms' profitability.

Peppers in South Africa.jpeg

Green houses 

Clear drippers allowing your plants to absorb more nutrients and better resist diseases.

Bell Peppers - early stage with ALVATECH.jpeg

Increase Plant Resilience 

Increase plants ability to withstand water scarcity and stress

In The Field

The Results Speak Volumes

DSC05711 treated 35cm.JPG

Case Studies

ALVÁTECH verified salinity results in passion fruit saw 40% avg. reduction in soil salinity just one month after installation . 
Initial EC8 dropped below EC5 after only one week and kept reducing.  


Experts in water technology for agriculture


Increase profitability for farmers


Increase yield in crops and livestock


Operating Worldwide

Water Tech Revolution


USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  

Alvátech is led by a team of  professionals each with over 20 years of a recognised and proven track record in agronomy, technology and global distribution.


We successfully operate in USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.  


Every product we develop and sell is inspired by our main mission, which is to provide farmers, associations and governments with the most advanced, environmentally-friendly and highly effective water treatment solutions.

In this rapidly changing world, affected by global warming, increasing population curve and viable food security. We have realised the importance of continually updating our solutions and developing new ones, keeping our clients and dealers are always ahead of the game.


We invite you to look at our products and contact us with any questions.


“Extraordinary companies aspire to drive profit as well as social change.

They never lose sight of the problems they exist to solve, or the people they are innovating for.“

Zac Gazit, President & Managing Director





Capacity 5-7 m3 p/h

Livestock, greenhouses, hydroponics and nurseries.



Capacity 25-30 m3 p/h

Greenhouses, small farms 


Capacity 50-55 m3 p/h

Medium size fields 



Capacity 100-110 m3 p/h

Large size fields 


Be a part of the ALVÁTECH  Water Revolution

Proven results around the world 

Increase your client's productivity

and profitability

Be part of your client's success

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